Oratene® Brushless Oral Care Products

Oratene Brushless Oral Care products contain antibacterial enzymes found naturally in saliva, which are carefully balanced to boost and replenish saliva's own defenses and recreate the natural oral protection found in the mouth, providing antibacterial and healing properties.

Only Oratene bio-enzymes can help maintain a healthy balance of oral flora, reduce harmful bacteria while sustaining beneficial bacteria and help to control halitosis in addition to removing plaque biofilm.

Provides superior oral care without brushing for daily use with dogs, cats, puppies or kittens Beneficial for those pets with special health conditions such as aging, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, or certain medications which may reduce quality of saliva. For examples, Click here to learn more about Xerostomia, a condition which contributes to periodontal disease.

Does it Work?

KFVS Heartland News Reviews Oratene Water Additive. "Gleams with a Grade 'A' on this DOES IT WORK Test"


Is it Dry Mouth?

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Xerostomia: What You Need to Know

Click here to view What You Need to Know about Xerostomia.



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